How to Add an App to a VIZIO Smart TV?

Televisions with Smart TV functions provide the user with extensive options. By default, the amount of content inside a smart TV receiver is small, but it can be increased if you know how to install the application on a Smart TV. This article will explain how to add apps to VISIO Smart TV.

Installing apps on VISIO smart TV, or how to get the most out of your TV?

SMART TV is an operating system integrated into the TV, which provides access to the Internet. And where the Internet is, there is unlimited interaction with multimedia content, communication on social networks, ordering goods and services, games and control of other “smart” devices.

Nowadays, programmers are actively adopting cloud technologies everywhere so that smart TV applications do not take up much space on the TV. All main content is downloaded from a remote server on-demand, so you can install many programs and games without affecting the speed of your TV. At the same time, they are optimized to work with inefficient equipment, on which it is usually impossible to view the same high-quality films through a regular TV browser.

Smart TVs from VISIO are some of the best on the market. Excellent matrix and sound, quality, and durability of the device – all these advantages make many buyers staunch adherents of TVs of this brand. Such TVs have a wide range of installed and available for installation applications that can please even the most sophisticated user. But, as you know, there is never a lot of good. Many users would like to install third-party applications on their VISIO TV receivers.

Additional features of the Smart TV function due to the components that are present in a normal computer:

  • processor;
  • sound adapter;
  • permanent and random access memory;
  • network interfaces (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LAN).

These TVs have ports for external storage, which allows you to use memory cards, flash drives, and hard drives. It is possible to connect a speaker system and other multimedia devices.

Types of applications

Depending on the price category and manufacturer, there are a few differences between the individual devices on the current market. What they all have in common is that they offer a certain basic selection of apps in the start interface that can be controlled via remote control. Nevertheless, almost every manufacturer works with a different operating system (e.g. Android TV, Roku, Amazon), so that not every app is completely the same on every device. Devices based on Android TV have a Google Play connection and thus offer a large selection of apps.

It should be mentioned that as in any other store,  Google Play has both paid and free software, if you choose the first option, then you will have to pay for use with a credit card. There is software with a license, for which you have to pay one-time, and there are analogs with a monthly paid subscription.

How to find and install the application on a VISIO Smart TV?

Smart TV manufacturers recommend downloading and installing programs from official stores. For devices using Android, this is Google Play (another name is Play Market), for devices using proprietary operating systems – custom ones (Samsung Apps, LG Smart World, etc.). Installation from third-party resources is possible, but this way you can infect the TV with malware.

If you want to install the application for VISIO TV, you need to do the following steps:

  • navigate to the Google Play or Apple Store;
  • choose the Chromecast app from available options;
  • click “Install”.