Why Should Startups Be Concerned About Cybersecurity?

Information and communication technologies are developing rapidly, increasing their influence on all key areas of the citizen’s activity.

Should Startups Be Concerned About Cybersecurity?

The cross-border nature of cyberspace, its dependence on complex information technologies, the active use of cyberspace sites and services by all groups of citizens determine new opportunities, but at the same time develop new threats for:

  • inflicting damage on the rights, interests, and life of an individual, organization, government bodies;
  • cyber-attacks against protected information resources by cybercriminals and cyber terrorists;
  • the use of cyberweapons in the framework of special operations and cyberwars, including those accompanying traditional hostilities.

Data characteristic about startups concerned about cybersecurity: each independent category that characterizes a dataset:

  1. Identification: the ability to determine who owns the information.
  2. Timing: the delay between data creation and collection.
  3. Confidentiality: the degree to which information is kept secret (for an individual and/or society as a whole).
  4. Purpose: the reason for collecting and analyzing data.
  5. Process: a method of collecting information. 
  6. Source: location of data collection.

To get a clear idea of the status of the existing cybersecurity concerning startups, you need to perform an inventory of the datasets. Next, you need to determine what data is relevant to your business needs. For example, you might decide to focus on streamlining a process to improve productivity, or on increasing sales by offering personalized services to users. Once the choice is made, the company can begin assessing the relevance of the data and determining what information it needs to achieve its goals. This information may be obtained directly from the available data (“raw” or prepared in some way), or additional or more accurate information may need to be collected.

The Concepts of Startups Concerned with Cybersecurity

The startups should be based on the following system of concepts:

  1. information space – a field of activity associated with the formation, creation, transformation, transmission, use, storage of information, which has an impact, including on individual and public consciousness, information infrastructure, and information itself;
  2. information security – the state of protection of an individual, organization, and state and their interests from threats, destructive and other negative influences in the faq data room;
  3. cyberspace – a sphere of activity in the information space, formed by a set of communication channels of the Internet and other telecommunication networks, technological infrastructure that ensures their functioning, and any forms of human activity (personality, organization, state) carried out through their use;
  4. cybersecurity – a set of conditions under which all components of cyberspace are protected from the maximum possible number of threats and impacts with undesirable consequences.

Startups that are concerned about cybersecurity is a management approach to organizing the work of a company and its logistics partners (intermediaries), which provides the most complete consideration of temporal and spatial factors in the processes of optimizing the management of material, financial, and information flows. The concepts of minimizing overall logistics costs and the concept of quality management at all stages of the production and distribution cycle are decisive for the formation of integrated logistics systems.

This should help the company extract valuable information from the datasets available. Based on this data, she will be able to compile a highly organized customer database for use on the CRM platform. These measures should ultimately help them to form an attractive image of the company by raising awareness of the target audience about marketing and communication campaigns.