Best Impact Drivers 2021

The impact driver is one of the most necessary devices in every house. This article will consider the basic recommendations on how to choose such a tool and investigate the functionality of DeWALT tools.

How to choose a powerful impact driver?

An impact driver is a tool that greatly simplifies the process of tightening and unscrewing nuts. It resembles a wrench, but there are still some differences between them.

The impact driver differs in the principle of operation, including that it is equipped with an impulsive shock clutch and has a higher torque. To choose the right driver, you need to take into account various parameters and additional functions that can make working with it as comfortable as possible.

There are the following parameters:

  • engine power – varies from 0.2 to 1.3 kW, tool performance depends on it;
  • type of work – there are network tools and battery-type tools, in the second case, the duration of the continuous operation depends on the capacity of the battery;
  • torque – shows the force with which the tool works, the range of the DeWALT brand includes tools with a torque of 22 to 1050 Nm;
  • the number of revolutions – affects the performance of the tool;
  • range of use – it depends on this parameter, with what diameter nuts you can work;
  • ergonomics – it affects the convenience of work for a long time.

DeWALT impact driver – the best option on the marketplace

Impact drivers from the American brand DeWALT are of high quality and are suitable for professional use. This manufacturer makes all construction power tools as versatile as possible. Each new tool has even more functions and ease of use.

In addition, all devices of this brand come with useful features:

  • reliability and increased power of brushless motors do not require any effort;
  • speed adjustments, lightweight, enhanced grip, and other details speed up the work;
  • each DeWALT impact driver is equipped with a well-thought-out illumination of the working area, energy-saving, etc;
  • ergonomic handles, clamps, cases, and many little things make work easier.

The top-rated alternatives of DeWALT tools

  • DeWALT DCF887N

The device is designed to perform a large amount of work with various fasteners. With its help, it is possible to work in narrow spaces due to its compact size. The tool is powered by an 18 V lithium-ion battery. During operation, a torque of up to 205 Nm and up to 3250 rpm is achieved. The user has three-speed modes available to work with different nuts

  • DeWALT DCF899P2

The high torque model is suitable for professional applications and can handle any metal fastener. The tool belongs to the percussion category, due to which it makes up to 2400 beats per minute, which is much higher than conventional screwdrivers.

  • DeWALT DCF894N

The high torque cordless impact wrench is suitable for use with all-metal fasteners. Thanks to the ergonomic rubberized grip, the tool does not slip out of your hands. Up to 2,400 strokes per minute ensure high productivity.

  • DeWALT DCF880N

It is a useful tool for performing everyday and professional tasks. Differs in high build quality and 4 torque up to 203 Nm. Thanks to battery operation, the user’s movements are not limited. The model is equipped with a capacious battery, which takes only 30 minutes to charge.

  • DeWALT DCF880M2

The model is intended for domestic and professional use. It differs in high build quality, high torque, and high idle speed. The tool is capable of unscrewing even rusted nuts. The LED flashlight is provided for work in low-light conditions. The handle is covered with rubberized parts, due to which the tool does not slip out of the hands.