How to use Lenovo docking station?

Civilization is doing its job. Smartphones (laptops, tablets) have firmly staked out their place in the life of mankind. This is the time of accessories with useful applications for digital devices. A great example of such a device is a docking station. This article will consider its functionality.

Why do we need a laptop docking station?

When choosing a technique, we do not always fully understand all areas of its application. It is almost impossible to predict what additional devices we may need and, accordingly, how many and which ports we need. And it is not necessary, because, as you know, there are not many ports and if you use your laptop to the fullest, there will definitely not be enough space for something.

In more and more work environments, the classic desktop computer is being replaced by laptops ultrabooks, and convertible notebooks. The reason for this is usually the desire to work flexibly and to be able to change the “workplace” at any time and at short notice in order to increase productivity. Docking stations are practically indispensable in shared-desk environments and in the home office. They are essential in modern notebooks, which often only have one or two connections.

Notebook docking stations are required to expand the functionality of your laptop. A typical drawback of laptops is well known – it is a small number of ports and connectors. Many users are satisfied with the standard number of connectors, and laptop docking stations come to the rescue of the rest. These devices provide not only an increase in the number of ports already available (usually these are USB ports) but also allow you to use ports that are not in the basic configuration of a laptop. Some docking stations allow you to install an additional battery and other devices (for example, an optical drive).

What about the Lenovo docking station?

Two different docking solutions are available for the current ThinkPad generation 2021. Lenovo offers cabled docking stations on the one hand (these are connected to the notebook with just one cable) and mechanical dockings on the other (with this variant, the notebook is placed on the docking station and locked with a mechanism on the side).

The Lenovo docking station can provide the highest quality image output, as well as quick and easy connection to any peripheral device for everyday work and more. Designed exclusively for laptops, the innovative side dock connector provides a convenient and secure way to connect to a variety of USB accessories and external displays.

The compact accessory is equipped with USB inputs for interaction with flash drives, printers, scanners, and other storage media and peripheral equipment. It is also possible to display a picture from a mobile computer on a monitor with an Ultra HD resolution or two Full HD displays.



  • Connect one USB-C cable to the notebook for wired network access, charging, data transfer, and video using a docking station that supports laptops with ports from HP and other manufacturers.
  • Organize your workspace with this compact solution that helps free up your desktop. Its sleek black rounded body with soft accents will change your perception of docking stations.
  • Answer calls without a headset using the included audio module, which connects to the dock vertically without additional cables.
  • In some cases, the docking station can help you connect peripherals that would otherwise be incompatible with your computer. For example, if you have a laptop that is not compatible with a monitor using a more modern connection, a docking station might come in handy.